WinDis - Wind Display


This app is designed for race officials to help with the wind dependent decisions.

It also works a a repeater of the wind data vi TCP, UDP or Nearby-Service (BLE/Wifi)

Release notes

WinDis in Market

- shows current true wind in moving or fixed position
- shows wind history on 10-Min-rule, 30 minutes, 1 hour and 3 hours
- 10-Min-rule is adjustable from 4 to 20 minutes
- min and max data
- moving average, trend line
- alarm for min, max on 10-Min-rule, 30 minutes or 1 hour
- reads from SailTimer Wind Instrument, Calypso Ultrasonic, tcp, udp, nearby
- transfer the values to other clients via tcp, udp, nearby.

Data from an external wind instrument is needed to use this app. There is a simulator for a testing.

WinDis - Wind Display WinDis - Wind Display

This app needs gps permissions:

How to use:

After installationn the simulator is active. To switch to a real device please open the settings and select a source.

Main sources are the SailTimer Wind Instrument™ and the Calypso Ultrasonic. Both with Bluetooth LE connection but with different handling. It's possible to connect a nmea server over wifi as well.

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ needs its SailTimer API™ app. You need to start the this first to connect your hardware.

The Calypso hardware is connected direct from WinDis.

Working as repeater

To send out NMEA sentences you have to be inside a Wifi net for TCP and UDP.

In an offshore situation it could be easier to use the new Android Nearby-Service. There is no need of other hardware fro wifi.
WinDis can send and receive via Nearby. Set one app to Output: Nearby and the other to Wind Source: Nearby. Both handle the connection via BLE and/or Wifi. It seems to be a little bit tricky - not all devices reach another and establish a connection. Try this at the beginning with the simulator first to get firm with this method.

All this will work with an Android version 4.4 or newer. It needs bluetooth low energie connections.

Problems connecting to BLE

The first thing is to find the BLE device. Often this will take more then one scan.
Sometimes it helps to switch off/on the Bluetooth function.

When the device was found the BLE address is save and next time connected direct without scan.
But the connection also need its time. Sometimes a reconnection is nessesary. Sometimes here it also helps to switch off/on the Bluetooth function.

Get the hardware SailTimer Wind Instrument™ for WinDis/AFTrack user.

Get a Calypso Wind Instrument
For the Calypso wind instrument please see Calypso Ultrasonic manual

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