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JDBC HTML Application Builder
dbServ is an extension to a web server to integrate databases output into your HTML/XML code. You may use any html function in your output. Only the client will stop you.


  • This program will run on every machine with the JVM on it because it's written in Java.
  • You may use it as standalone server or servlet
  • For the connection to a database the JDBCTM package is used, it works with ODBC and any suitable native driver (MySQL, Oracle, ...).
  • Keep it simple. Every template (examples: HTML - XML) contains a sql statement and an output part. There is no need of learning a new programming language. HTML/XML code is clear as usual.
  • Use this as a counter (database) and for redirection with counting (e.g. adserver)
  • Send mails directly from database
  • A cache will help you to speed up


  • A database example with some scripts (ODBC and MySQL)
  • Java sample for connectivity between dbServ and a Java client
  • XML sample for a generator of static pages
  • PDF sample for generate print pages
  • WML sample for WAP handies
  • For more examples see here.
  • Install samples for JServ, JRun, tomcat engine

Getting started

Documentation of new tags

How it works

download (contains server and servlet, 508K)

Mailing list

Shop Demo without database connection

XML Demo without database connection (JavaScript parser)

Axel Fischer, afischer@dbServ.de