AFTrack Plugin for Grib data

AFTrack - GPS Tracking for Android

Version 1.0.0

This is a plugin for the Android app AFTrack to get the grib data displayed on a map.

To start with you need AFTrack and this plugin Grib Plugin.

overlay button After the installation of the plugin you will find a new entry in the AFTrack overlay button. There is a list of overlay plugins.

Grib Plugin für
                AFTrack Grib Plugin für AFTrack
Grib Plugin für AFTrack Grib Plugin für AFTrack

How to use:

You will need a grib file (grib 1 or 2, could also be zipped like grb.gz, *.bz2 doesn't work). Get it by download from one of the sources. The file is stored in the system Download folder.

By activate the plugin you have three choices of view:
- show wind/current/wave only in wind info dialog for the map center
- view in real time, when selected
- show the grib time steps, this can be done also with older files that are out of date.

At the moment you can view wind with currents or waves, if available in data file.

The plugin is not visible in the app launcher but you will see it in the system settings and inside AFTrack.

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