AFTrack Plugin for OpenUV

AFTrack - GPS Tracking for Android

Version 1.0.0

This is a plugin for the Android app AFTrack to get the UV-Index from

To start with you need AFTrack and this plugin OpenUV Plugin.

overlay button After the installation of the plugin you will find a new entry in the AFTrack overlay button. There is a list of overlay plugins.

OpenUv plugin for
                AFTrack OpenUV plugin for

How to use:

You will need a key from OpenUV. So please order it from here and place the response to the key field.
By activate the plugin it will fetch the data when you return to AFTrack. The data are shown inside the wind info. The ring shows the current UV index with its color. When you show the wind info box, you have some text about the UV situation. By starting the plugin you will see some more info.
It may take a while before new data comes in when you move the map.

Refresh after 15 minutes or around 100 km.
The free data is reduced to 20 calls per day. So for one position is loaded one daily forecast.

The plugin is not visible in the app launcher but you will see it in the system settings.

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